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The Road to Citizenship Starts with us

National Mexican Brotherhood  serves the needs of interested immigrants​​ in applying for citizenship in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Texas. Citizenship in the United States promises a variety of benefits.

Our company established a legacy of helping immigrants facing complex legal barriers, and we have helped countless individuals overcome various obstacles on the way to becoming citizens. The process to become a citizen requires several steps. The first part requires the applicant to submit the N-400 application for naturalization and make a payment.

Payment for immigration clearance can be made through one of the major credit cards. For example Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can also contact us with any additional questions you may have about paying for the application with a credit card.

American Flags

To qualify, you need to gather some basic documents:

  • Permanent Residence Card

  • Social Security Card

  • California ID or Driver's License

  • Certificate of Divorce, if applicable

  • Marriage certificate, if applicable

  • People 75 years of age or older are exempt from paying for biometric service.

Additional benefits of becoming a U.S. citizen include the following:

  • The right to vote is granted by name to all US citizens, and each new registered voter is subject to the current voting system.

  • Retired citizens can live in other countries while receiving retirement benefits from the Social Security system.

  • There are federal jobs available, and these generally have excellent salaries, benefits, and retirement plans.

  • Citizens can petition  additional family members (parents, siblings, spouses, and children) through the immigration system. This is an easier route than obtaining a Permanent Residence for relatives.

  • In cases where a citizen and a Permanent Resident apply for a spouse, the citizen generally enjoys a shorter wait time, but there are some exceptions.

  • Estate and tax planning benefits are available to citizens.

  • The naturalized citizen qualifies to apply for a passport and can travel as an American abroad.

  • After leaving the United States, reentry is faster for citizens.

  • Reduce the risk of deportation if immigration laws change.

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